Amazon’s partnership with Emily Schromm in Colorado has been nothing short of amazing. Corporate employee wellness typically involves an employee gimmick around steps, activity, gym memberships. Emily helped us structure a program that focused on healing from the inside out. Gut health, digestion, functions of our small intestine, intestinal permeability, food intolerances, body composition…the list goes on and on. Bottom line, Emily is no joke. She is approachable, fun, and her knowledge about the inner workings of our bodies goes above and beyond. Amazon Colorado looks forward to a long term partnership with one of the best in the business.
— Katie Oaks, Amazon Colorado

Having the opportunity to work with Emily and Wade has been a life-changing experience for me.
Their emphasis on health by focusing on nutrition and fitness has become my new way of life.
Not only was I able to elevate my fitness to a level I never thought I could achieve; I also experienced dramatic improvements in my overall health.
Of course, it didn’t happen overnight, but Emily and Wade are so passionate and genuine about what they do – encouraging everyone in a kind, inclusive manner – that I loved every minute! I couldn’t wait to get to their next class to see what new challenges they had in store for us!
I always considered myself to be athletic – competed in horse shows riding jumpers, skiing and hiking but I truly feel that I’m in the best shape of my life right now.
Theirs is a simple, informative, common sense approach to help you get to a lifestyle that you can embrace AND feel good about it!
— Carla Kincel, Caplogistics

Outstanding speaker, thank you. You can tell Emily is very passionate about gut health. The info she shared with us specific to the different supplements she uses was very helpful.”
— Amazon

The wellness series was super informative and was presented in easy to understand format. I loved that you had us try different products and even had samples to take with us. An hour-long during the workday was perfect, although I could have listened for a lot longer.
— Smashburger Employee

I appreciate that it’s not about just “losing weight”- as someone who has struggled for several years now to do that, I’ve noticed the weight is coming off by beginning to find a balance and heal myself from the inside. The insight that Emily has shared into what our bodies need to be supported has been so valuable.
— Etkin Johnson Employee
This was a really great program! I enjoyed the content of the presentation, and took some notes to follow up with more research.
— Amazon