Corporate Wellness, done right.


The importance of a healthy workplace cannot be overstated. Focusing on MOVEMENT, MINDSET, and NUTRITION, our Wellness Programs are designed to be more than a one-dimensional approach. 

  • How do I sleep better? 
  • How do I improve my energy? 
  • Why do I crave sugar? 
  • How can I get motivated to workout? 
  • Why does gut health matter, and what does it really mean? 
  • How do I get rid of back pain? 
  • How do I finally start losing weight?

We make it simple: we find out what your employees want to learn about and we build a program just for them. Start with our in-depth educational Lunch and Learns with cooking demonstrations, hands-on testing, and Q&A. Add on our workouts with some of the top trainers in Colorado that can be done on location or at our facility, Platform Strength. Take it to the next level and pair with our online Challenge component, providing hours of information in "snack bite" daily emails that your employees can easily digest and implement into their day to day lives while also providing a point system and online accountability to improve habits. 



Our Team's extensive background in personal training, corrective exercise, mobility, Nutritional Therapy, and corporate wellness are here to help design a program perfect for your employees needs. 

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