Challenge Overview

Looking to engage your employees or members in an immersive, educational program that helps them to learn more about their bodies? We can help with that. Emily's online 3 to 6 week Challenges can be personalized and modified for your company's needs. Learn more about the program and how we can make it work for you.

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Daily Emails 

Snack bite pieces of information in various forms of infographics, videos, and audio clips to educate, teach, and motivate your employees to stay on track.

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Meal plans and Resources 

21 and 30 day meal plans and resources including meditation guides, snack ideas, sweet-tooth curbers, and healthy meal options to over 20 restaurants. 

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Daily Points for accountability

Choose from three to six categories of points to focus on throughout the course of the Challenge varying from movement, mindfulness, and nutrition.

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Optional Before and After assessments

With our state of the art equipment and top trainers, our Challenges promote friendly competition and utilize before and afters as well as overall participation to declare winners.